Name:Marion Smith

Location:Vancouver Coast

My $100 went to the Sierra Club.

Name:Matt Cavers & Sheena Careless

Location:Sunshine Coast

We use our bikes all the time to get around our home, the lovely town of Gibsons. But our bikes have seen better days. So we've used the $100 rebates to keep the bikes rideable - new brakes for me as well as a bottle of biodegradable chain cleaner and a brush, and Sheena got new grips and brake pads. There's a bit of cash left over, with which I think I'll replace a bent crank and get a reflective vest for night-time riding. I'm not sure what Sheena will do with the remainder of her bucks. Either way, our bikes are in better shape now to get us where we're going - to work, the grocery store, the beach, violin lessons, the garden store, and everywhere else the roads will take us. Viva la bicicleta!

Name:Moira Campbell

Location:The Islands

I'm going to put the $100 each for my kids into a Socially Responsible Mutual fund in their RESPs. That way we can support companies that are doing the right thing for the environment plus save towards their education.

Name:Geoff Senichenko

Location:Vancouver Coast

I am giving my $100 to the UBC Farm that helps supply Vancouver with local food that reduces the carbon footprint.

Name:Dusty Kelly

Location:Vancouver Coast

I donated the $100 to Green Peace. Their work on exposing the atrocities of the Alberta tar sands underlines what truly is driving climate change.

Name:Lorene Oikawa

Location:Vancouver Coast

I'm donating $100 to the T.Buck Suzuki Foundation.

My uncle Buck was a Japanese Canadian fisherman who cared deeply about the preservation of fish habitat and the environment. He was an environmental activist years before most people knew about environmental activism.

And while I believe in personal action, I also believe we need the political will to effect change and a political party that supports the environment, social justice and human rights so my $100 climate change dividend is going to the NDP.

Name:Martha Roth

Location:Vancouver Coast

If we ever receive any money from the province, we'll give it to UBC farm. This wonderful place helped attract us to the neighbourhood, and if it falls to developers we'll feel betrayed -- and very sad. Help Save the Farm!

Name:brenda hochachka

Location:ubc Farm

My $100 dollars goes to the UBC farm

Name:Brian Hepburn

Location:Vancouver Coast

Green local food. There is nothing that goes more directly to the root of the environmental crisis. And nothing will matter more than food when the real crisis comes.

Name:katherine poole

Location:Vancouver Coast

I would like, very much, to support the ongoing UBC Farm. With my "Green Cash" in hand ...I'll go to the Farm and celebrate the wonder of having a farm very near home!!! Thanks for all consideration, Kath