Location:Vancouver Coast

Org Type:Non-profit

Project Lead:Mark Bomford



The UBC Farm is the last working farm in Vancouver. The farm provides fertile ground for a wide mix of learning, research, and community projects for learners of all ages. The farm is currently embarking on a new project entitled, "Changing the Food System to Change the Climate."

Every meal we eat has a profound impact on the planet. Recent analysis of our current food system reveals that our personal food choices may contribute to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as much as our personal transportation choices.

“Changing the Food System to Change the Climate” has been designed to reduce the impact of the food system on climate change and the environment.

The UBC Farm provides a unique venue for hands-on education and demonstration of alternative food production and consumption models. Through action and education, this project brings a variety of climate change strategies together in one location: Vancouver's last working farm.

What we're doing on the farm:

1. Stewarding and enhancing the on-farm ecosystem to address loss of habitat and essential ecosystem services
2. Demonstrating use of renewable energy in agriculture
3. Growing and distributing “carbon smart” food

What we're doing in the community:

4. Creating a regionally relevant "carbon smart" food guide
5. Testing a “carbon smart” food label to identify food grown with minimal or negative greenhouse gas contributions
6. With the Hundred Mile Diet society, delivering on-farm, mobile, and online community workshops

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