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Project Lead:Willy Ens



Turning Black Gold To Green

The responsible use of fuel would include resolving the problem of the harmful exhaust emissions caused in its combustion. This is further complicated by varying crude oil sources and the associated impurities; one of the most destructive is its sulphur content. Sulphur dioxide is responsible for the ‘Acid’ in “Acid Rain” and its associated damage.

Sequestering Exhaust Emission Pollution

This universal ‘retrofit’ system will ‘scrub’ all of the pollution out of the exhaust of any engine with water/steam just like rain does out of our skies, doing this while the combustion products are still in the motors exhaust system makes it highly efficient. This condensate and water is then filtered to clean it and the ph is adjusted to neutral before being fed back through the motor again and again, continuously ‘scrubbing’ the combustion gases of emissions each cycle through the engine.

The increase of fuel efficiency for vehicles will level out at about 25%, while the same system, when applied to home heating, will return an amazing 200% + return in fuel efficiency including full ‘standalone’ electricity for the building as well, and of course both inherently will now ‘scrub’ their respective exhaust clean of all water soluble pollution automatically.

The project timeline to completion and market ready for general public use is expected to be less than two years.

We need your help! This is a ‘For Profit Venture’ and all investment will be dutifully registered and paid back along with earned dividends to individual investors for your profit or other ‘Green Investments’.

200% profit offered on investment over two years, however all terms open for negotiation.

We most sensibly invested our $100.00 Green Dividends for our children’s future, can we count on yours too? Want to know more?

For further interest, feedback, suggestions, support or investment please contact will...@ymail.com

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