Location:Vancouver Coast

Org Type:Non-profit

Project Lead:Zo Ann Morten



We will be working with local Streamkeeper volunteers to map where there is existing infrastructure in place to control high water that is impeding salmon access to historic spawning, rearing and over wintering areas in lower Fraser watersheds.

With wilder weather coming and more drastic changes between high flows and low, we will be searching for ways to allow for salmon passage as well as the continued safety of human activities close to our waterways.

We will be assessing the quality and quantity of salmon habitat above the barriers in order to prioritize the sites to be addressed first.

Our mapping and monitoring protocols are from the Streamkeepers Handbook and Modules - we will be doing Modules One, Two, Three and Four.

To find out more about our protocols please go to http://www.pskf.ca/publications/handbook.html

If you are interested in volunteering, please call 604-986-5059

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