About Founding Partners

The David Suzuki Foundation works through science and education to protect the diversity of nature and our quality of life, now and for the future. With a goal of achieving sustainability within a generation, the Foundation collaborates with scientists, business and industry, academia, government and non-governmental organizations.

The Western Canada Wilderness Committee is the largest membership-based, citizen-funded wilderness preservation organization in Canada. Its campaigns have helped gain the protection of many important wilderness areas, including critical wildlife habitats and some of the world’s last large tracts of oldgrowth temperate rainforest and boreal forest. The Wilderness Committee maintains strategic alliances with other environmental groups, First Nations and community leaders, and undertakes regular expeditions into threatened wilderness areas.

The Pembina Institute creates sustainable energy solutions through research, education and advocacy. It promotes environmental, social and economic sustainability in the public interest by developing practical solutions for communities, individuals, governments and businesses. The Pembina Institute provides policy research leadership and education on climate change, energy issues, green economics, energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy, and environmental governance.

Voters Taking Action on Climate Change is a grassroots organisation that encourages Canadians to get engaged politically, express concern about the climate crisis and demand emission reductions from federal, provincial and municipal governments. VTACC’s activities range from “I’m voting for real action on climate change” lawn signs to direct meetings with political leaders from all levels of government.


The Tyee and founding partners of the Green Your Campbell Cash Campaign do not take any responsibility for the projects listed, nor for collecting pledges and the use of monies pledged, nor for information from potential supporters and the use of such information. Our role is to inspire readers to connect with climate action projects. Project leads are entirely responsible for collecting pledges and connecting potential supporters to donation information on their sites.